Sunday, 9 June 2013

Simple Looks, Just for you.

The look for the Day!!!

 You dont need to make lots of efforts for a simple look, You just need to match the cloths you wear!!!
Simple steps to match dresses and tops :-)

 (TOP) Dark green sleeveless top with Blue jeans to match the red and black converse shoes...

Light Blue top And grey jeans with matching sandals for outings.
Floral Dark pink dress with black leggings to match blue purse and black sandals.

Blue dress from‎ to match blue bag and white Crocband Flat from

                Be the women you want!!!

Happy fathers Day


My Dad is the most amazing person on this earth. He gave me knowledge which is required in this life. He taught me things which I never knew and I am proud to say that I am her e because of my dad.

         A Father can be your best friend as well as your teacher. He will teach you and make you see things which you never knew or saw. He will guide you throughout your life. A child becomes a replica of his Father.  He/ She follow the footstep of his dad. 

       I remember when I was a kid I use to hold my dad’s finger and walk where ever we go, be it going for shopping or be it going to get a walk. My dad’s finger was always my support, that way I felt safe, safe from getting lost in the crowd.  My dad dressed me in the best cloths he could find. It may not be expensive but it contains his love for me. That’s why I am grateful.  Grateful! For, what he made me today. 

        My dad wanted to make a better future for me so he put me in a hostel and on the way to hostel he would always give me advice and tell stories of great men like Abraham Lincoln etc. and tell me about how these great men studied under street lights before becoming great men. He always taught me how to live a humble life by showing the examples of some of the great men in history. I Loved stories so my dad would tell me stories before going to bed but sometimes he gets  tired and my mom would continue to tell me stories. I was a very stubborn kid so without stories I would not go to sleep, that was my rule. I would always tell my dad to buy me comics whenever we go shopping so I used to have this huge collection for stories from Archie’s, Phantom, and Mandrake to Tinkle. 

              Without my dad I would never have been the girl that I am today. All credits goes to him for making my life super. Love you dad!! 

My dad rocks!!!!

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Monday, 3 June 2013

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