Sunday, 9 June 2013

Simple Looks, Just for you.

The look for the Day!!!

 You dont need to make lots of efforts for a simple look, You just need to match the cloths you wear!!!
Simple steps to match dresses and tops :-)

 (TOP) Dark green sleeveless top with Blue jeans to match the red and black converse shoes...

Light Blue top And grey jeans with matching sandals for outings.
Floral Dark pink dress with black leggings to match blue purse and black sandals.

Blue dress from‎ to match blue bag and white Crocband Flat from

                Be the women you want!!!


  1. As always , totally love it :D
    Hope you had an amazing weekend


  2. thank you so much dear! :)
    as my new follow i try to check out and comment on your posts as often as possible :)
    have a nice day!


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