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Kiehl's :
Introducing list of skin, Body & Hair care range

We got an invitation from Grazia for a date with serious skin care At the exciting & quirky store of
the NYC based of purveyors of skincare expertise for more than 160 years at Palladium, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel , Mumbai.

At Kiehl’s
The friendly Kiehl’s Customer Representatives offered us consulting for skincare and also suggested us
a list of skin care products for our skin. below are the list of products suggested for me by Kiehl’s Representatives.

A brief about Kiehl's....

Kiehl's was founded as an old world Apothecary 160 yrs ago in New York's east village neighborhood. It started its journey in 1851. It started inroducing dermatologist solutions for aging,irritation sensitivity,acne,sun spots & surface texture.

skin care 
Kiehl’s skincare is scientifically formulated to respect, restore and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier, more radiant, younger-looking skin. Our targeted treatments are more powerful, yet safe preparations which act to correct and treat your specific skin needs and concerns.

Men's skin is different than women's – it is oilier, thicker and reacts differently to environmental irritants. Our efficacious formulations address these specific needs where men need it most

Kiehl’s essential body care preparations comprise formulas which effectively cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate skin, utilizing the finest quality ingredients known to us. KIEHL'S body treatments address the specific concerns of the body – characterized by dryness, uneven skin tone and texture, loss of firmness, and dullness.

KIEHL'S gentle, yet effective preparations are formulated to address the diverse haircare needs of our patrons to cleanse, nurture, and protect hair and scalp while imparting a clean, healthy and vibrant look and feel to hair. All of KIEHL'S recipes for healthy hair are made with uniquely efficacious, natural ingredients that help clarify, maintain, volumize (or smooth), and restore hair.
For more stylish hair, we offer Stylist Series, an expanded line of advanced products formulated in conjunction with leading stylists to deliver superior results.

At Kiehl’s store , Palladium, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel,Mumbai.

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Store address :- Kiehl’s Palladium, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel,Mumbai.

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